Nazgul T3020 Set 4 Propellers iFlight

CHF 4.50

Nazgul T4030 Propellers (3sets/6pairs) iFlight
Nazgul T3020 Set 4 Propellers iFlight CHF 4.50
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Nazgul T3020 Set 4 Propellers iFlight


Item Name: Nazgul T3020 3 inch Durable 2-Blades Propeller

Model: Nazgul T3020

Blades: 2 blades

Material: polycarbonate

Mounting: 1.5mm center hole 

Color: Transparent red, Transparent green, Transparent grey

Quantity: 2pair/bag Total: 6 CW & 6 CCW

Hub Thickness: 5mm

Package Included:

2pcs x Nazgul T3020 Propeller CW

2pcs x Nazgul T3020 Propeller CCW

NOTE: Propellers only, motor does not include.

Additional information

color: No selection

Black, Transparent Cyan, Transparent Grey, Transparent Red

Brand: No selection



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