7 PCS Hex Screwdriver Set

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7 PCS Hex Screwdriver Set CHF 19.00 CHF 14.99
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7 PCS Hex Screwdriver Set


The shaft is made of high-speed steel.
Ergonomically and slip-resistant designed handle for comfortable grip.
Compact and lightweight design.
7 different sizes are included to meet all your needs.
Elegant appearance.
Especially suitable for RC helicopter airplane.

Package includes:

1*1.5mm Hexangular Screwdriver
1*2.0mm Hexangular Screwdriver
1*2.5mm Hexangular Screwdriver
1*0#2.0mm Slotted Screwdriver
1*+ 4.00mm Screwdriver
1*+ 3mm Screwdriver
1*4.0mm Hexagonal socket


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